ISIL is Proud to be honoured at The Talent Leadership & HR Awards 2011 & The  RASBIC Awards 2011. Thank you for your support!!!!

ISIL is a business proficiency skill development school in collaboration with Speak First of UK – a Leading Training Institute with global existence and delivery of training programs in diverse geographies covering APAC & Middle East, Europe, North America.

Get top quality results from our corporate training or your money back. With ISIL and Speak First UK’s training you will improve profits, increase efficiency, grow your reputation and make a real impact on the Indian and global market. Our tried and tested methods of soft skills training and expert trainers mean you don’t waste valuable time, effort and money. This leaves you to focus on achieving your business aspirations.

With four offices across India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad – you get all of this expertise and top international quality training at affordable Indian prices.