What is Extended DISC?

Extended DISC is an easy-to-use assessment tool used to explore behavioural characteristics that impact on our work, judgements and interactions with other people. It gives you a more thorough understanding of behavioural and management style, preferences, strengths and development areas. It’s a highly valuable tool for HR and L&D professionals, as well as line managers.

At Speak First, we’ve used Extended DISC for years to profile many of our participants before they attend training. This enhances the learning experience, allowing greater personal insight and tailoring to the individual. If you’re booking an in-company course, talk to us about including Extended DISC profiling as part of the training.

We can now also offer you Extended DISC as a separate product for use by your organisation. You can use the tool for much more than training, for example, team dynamics and recruitment.


  • Online generated reports
  • Simple to use and understand
  • Based on the internationally recognised four quadrant model of DISC
  • Independently validated in a range of languages
  • Cost effective – a sophisticated system available at a competitive price
  • Powerful reports – recognises 160 different behavioural styles
  • Can determine emotions communicated by a candidate at the time of completion of the questionnaire and determine whether he/she is working outside their comfort zone
  • Measures the influence of the current member’s environment on a person’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned
  • You can be assured of accurate practical reports which describe a person’s unconscious unadjusted behavioural style – the real person
  • Available in 50 languages


  • Saves you time and money
  • Ensures you find the right person for a job, without relying on ‘gut feel’
  • Enables you to tailor training and development more accurately to the employee
  • You can use the one tool across a global workforce
  • Allows you to identify patterns and gaps in recruitment to rectify weak areas

Alchemy For Managers (Online management Tool)

What is Alchemy for Managers?

Alchemy for Managers is a comprehensive online resource of management tools. It enables managers to quickly and easily access really practical information on the many challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis. The range of topics is wide from appraisals to health and safety, from giving feedback to managing meetings, stress, attendance and time.

No-one is born knowing how to manage and there is just too much to know and too much ongoing change to learn it all. Managers have continuing need for information, and they need it when they need it… which is right in the moment!

Ask any manager what their biggest issue is and they will probably say “too much to do and not enough time to do it in”. Alchemy is designed to solve these time pressures; first by making the information quick to access (far faster than from the internet) and secondly by making the advice practical so it can be used to good effect immediately. Using information in the moment for a specific task is the best way to embed the learning.


Simple, clean and intuitive user-friendly interface makes it really easy to use

  • Over 100 core management topics with more added regularly
  • Focused on practical tools, tips and information that can be put into use immediately
  • Written by expert consultants and practitioners who know what actually works
  • Enterprise edition includes usage monitoring so you can see trends and gather information on possible training needs
  • The content can be customised to suit local requirements
  • Alchemy can be branded with your own company logo, look and feel
  • Cost effective, and the more users you have, the lower the fee per user
  • Users can add their own notes to any page so Alchemy becomes a learning log
  • Online or offline versions available, so accessible anywhere


Saves expensive management time meaning greater productivity

  • Use of Alchemy leads to fewer management errors which saves costly mistakes
  • Having answers at hand lowers the stress level of managers who might otherwise struggle with what to do next
  • Leads to ongoing management growth and learning as managers access new and better ways of doing things
  • Managers feel valued when they are offered good support tools leading to loyalty and better morale
  • Rapid return on investment