Every year India produces over 3.1 million graduates, including 0.5 million technical graduates. Then why, in spite of a growing demand in many sectors, most of these technical graduates remain unabsorbed? Only 25% of the technical graduates and 15% of general graduates find employment as stated in Nasscom-McKinsey Report.

Why do most of these graduates stay on in the sidelines? The truth that emerges during hiring is that, a whopping majority, armed with domain knowledge, does not have soft skill sets that make them employable professionals. And even those who are hired do require rigorous and expensive training before they start functioning in their respective roles.

ISIL helps you Sharpen your skills

The wide ranging fit and application of ISIL programs benefits:

  • Corporate Organizations
  • Working Professionals
  • Education Institutes
  • Students


The researched and revolutionary programme design works on the core interaction skills and redirects the approach of individuals towards productivity, positivity and success.

ISIL is equipped to design and deliver relevant popular & customized programs with measureable outcome.

  • Corporate programs benefits in self realization and confidence building which propels participants to set and achieve targets.
  • The special programmes for students and institute aim to provide relevant knowledge and skills to make them ready for employment.


Programmes are process driven with content standardization, validation of execution and appropriate trainer selection as per the relevant skills and accreditation. Only highly experienced professionals and behavioural specialist trainers conduct the programs.