Everything you need to build blended programmes that deliver results:

  • Proven, robust design methodology
  • The right blend design to meet your needs
  • Forums, validation, action plans and reviews
  • Supports a wide range of content types including video
  • Create and publish your own programmes
  • Simplified programme and delegate management
  • Scheduling, self booking and course progression
  • Customised online platform
  • Personalised view for each delegate
  • Integrates with your evaluation processes
  • Permanent compliance records
  • Full suite of development and support


Our aim is to make learning programmes as cost-effective as possible and to increase the application of knowledge and skills in the workplace. To achieve this we focus on the choice of the right delivery and measurement methods given the resources and timescales available to the customer.

Key elements of our offer include:

  • A proven methodology for blended programme design
  • Rapid publishing of complete training modules
  • Local training delivery resource around the world
  • Secure, personalised Internet-based online modules
  • Assessment, reinforcement and interaction
  • Course scheduling and sequencing
  • Per-user, per-group and per-module reporting


Blended and online learning can make learning programmes more budget and time efficient and improve their effectiveness where it counts viz. the workplace. We apply a structured methodology to blended and online programme design, to make sure that programmes meet the objectives of the organization and of the individual.


The methodology is used by the training designer to build the structure of each course, based on the desired outcomes, the needs of the delegates and the optimum delivery methods.

The online platform

The learnfusion platform provides a managed environment for the development,delivery and measurement of online and blended programmes. It is highly flexible, being suitable for a wide range of uses from simple information and compliance through to fully blended programmes.

The platform supports a range of section types, including:

  • Text, graphics and a number of different question types
  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Delegate forums
  • Video content
  • Display a file (e.g. presentation or document)
  • Display a web page
  • Create an action plan
  • Action plan review

Supported content types

As well as having a built-in content editor, the system will display any existing training material created in any format that can be viewed in Internet Explorer, including:

  • PowerPoint presentations (with animation)
  • Flash animations
  • Windows Media video and audio
  • Word documents
  • PDF documents
  • Web pages
  • Image files (JPG, GIF, PNG)

Surveys and reinforcement

Interactive sections can include questions, to capture objectives, gauge attitudes and assess training needs. When used with post-submission responses, these allow the designer to test the delegate’s understanding and reinforce key messages.

Validation and evaluation

Each course can include any number of validation sections. These may be informal or formal, with or without feedback of results.


The ability to schedule course modules is a key element of learnfusion. Scheduling ensures that course progression and formal management is applied to all training interventions, regardless of whether they include a workshop element.This allows each course to be given a time-based structure, including needs analysis, objective setting, action plans and reviews.Individual automatic email course invitations and reminders may be used in any course module for communication with the delegates.Material which is required to be permanently available can be added to the toolkit section, accessible via the home page.

Course booking

Learnfusion allows the administrator to load courses and course dates, joining instructions and allocate trainers and venues.The administrator may then add delegates to scheduled programmes or allow users to book directly on to the course of their choice, selecting from an up to date list of available dates and locations.Courses can be booked anywhere and at any time, from any PC with internet access. Optionally, it can be a requirement that training managers or administrators need to approve attendance on the chosen course.

User management and reporting

Any number of user groups can be set up on the system and any user can be a member of any number of groups. Therefore users can be organised into departments, sites, teams, job families or competency levels. At a glance, you can review how each group is progressing for each module. You can also see details of each user’s usage of the system. You can review how assessment questions are being answered by the group.

Give your programmes a life outside the classroom

Make learning sustainable, measurable and flexible with this sophisticated blended learning solution. LearnFusion gives you a way to manage a complex blended learning programme with ease. It enables you to enhance face-to-face training with ongoing learning via an online portal, before and after the workshops. At ISIL & Speak First,UK, we’ll work with you to create content for both the online and face-to-face elements of your blended programmes, to ensure you get the best possible results – improving retention, applicability and sustainability.