Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma is an effective and enthusiastic facilitator, adept at transforming theories into practical everyday work examples that help participants internalize the learning. She has over eight years experience creating and imparting soft skills training programs that help transform participants through activity-based learning and paradigm shifts. She has an MBA in International Business

She has delivered many corporate workshops for Managing Meetings, Team Building, Communication Skills, Presentation skills and numerous other training sessions for diverse groups ranging from entry-level executives to senior management. Her love for training is perhaps best demonstrated through her workshops for the youth from urban and rural Institutes, who have little or no soft skills exposure, to help them gain confidence and secure better jobs.

Her background includes a good blend of experience in Leading and managing a sales team, Business Development, Customer Service and Training with both large and medium-sized companies. These include multinationals like ESSAR Group, Cisco, Yamaha Motors and HDFC, and medium-sized companies like Acme Telepower and Path Infotech.

Shivani’s warm yet challenging training style ensures a comfortable learning environment where each participant is involved, and therefore evolves.