Shilpi Chopra

Shilpi is a passionate and effective facilitator. Her training style is inclusive, participative and fun. She uses the principles of adult learning to make her workshops interactive, engaging and effective for the adult audience.

She has over 8 years of industry experience and has been conducting training for 5 years. She specializes in training on Communication and Leadership for junior to mid management level.

She is an Arts Graduate and has exposure to various cultures across the globe. She has been involved in transitioning processes for multi-nationals in the US and India. As a result of this, she has tremendous cross-cultural knowledge and liking for cultures.

She thrives on behavioural aspects training, especially interpersonal skills, relationship management, team dynamics and motivational skills. Her background includes a good blend of experience in Leading and managing a collection team, Business Development, Customer Service and Training with both large and medium-sized companies. These include multinationals like RICO, Jindals Group, I Energizer Pvt. Ltd and Encore Capital Group.