Personal Impact

You’re always making an impact. Always. Other people observe you, listen to you and make judgements about you, whether you like it or not. The important question is this: are you making the right impact? Do you set out to shape the impressions people have of you? Do you even know how you would like them to perceive you? Personal impact is far too important to be left to chance.

Developing Personal Impact

Being technically good at your job isn't enough – you must also be able to communicate, influence and motivate colleagues and clients. Being able to connect with people and win their trust is vital. Many people, however, are left to acquire these skills through a process of trial and error. This practical and lively course will increase your self-awareness and develop your interpersonal skills so you come across with positive impact, whatever the situation.

This course is valuable for anyone who wants to create a positive impression and put forward their views to colleagues or clients with confidence and conviction.

  • Create a positive impression with clients and colleagues
  • Build rapport and communicate effectively with others
  • Feel comfortable saying what you want, even in difficult or challenging situations
  • Assert your views with increased confidence and make an impact on others
  • Raise your profile and make the most of the career opportunities available to you
  • Know how you come across to others and be able to adapt where needed
  • Create impact in meetings, one-to-one situations and when you don't have much to say

First impressions

  • Why first impressions are important
  • How to manage the impression you create with clients, your boss and colleagues
  • The difference between high and low impact
  • Using the SOFTEN technique when greeting people

Giving feedback with impact

  • How to give and receive feedback assertively
  • What makes feedback effective?

Behavioural flexibility and personal style

  • Increase your self awareness and understanding of how you operate when under stress
  • Identifying your and others' behavioural styles
  • Adapting your style to build rapport and handle difficult behaviour effectively

Presenting ideas with impact in meetings

  • How to avoid common pitfalls – fiddling, um-ing and ah-ing, other signs of nervousness
  • Hints and tips for preparing your ideas in advance
  • Dominant and submissive body language
  • Adapt your behaviour to meet your audience's needs

Making your body language effective

  • Learn the best way to stand so you appear confident and self-assured
  • What to do with your arms and hands
  • How to move with ease and grace

Assertiveness, confidence and impact

  • How assertiveness differs from aggression and passivity
  • Individual rights and responsibilities
  • Practise expressing your views in a way that doesn't violate the rights of others
  • How outer confidence depends on inner confidence
  • How beliefs and thoughts affect our actions and the results we achieve

'Wimp talk' vs 'power talk'

  • The importance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Learn how the language you use can either increase or detract from your personal impact

Making an impact in meetings

  • The importance of preparing to make an impact before the meeting
  • Assertive rights and responsibilities in meetings
  • Expressing your views openly in meetings, events and other business situations
  • How to make a positive impact even when you don't have much to say

Developing your voice

  • How to improve your vocal impact so you make a positive impression
  • Learn about the impact pace, tone, volume and pitch have on others participants: 1Duratio11
  • The power of the pause in creating impact
  • Why speaking with conviction makes a difference

Connecting with people

  • How to establish and build rapport with others using NLP matching techniques
  • How to change your mindset and improve the way you greet people significantly
  • Making small talk using the OARS model – observe, ask, reveal, share
  • The importance of active listening

Raising your profile

  • 'Tooting your horn' without bragging or boasting
  • How to get people to acknowledge and value your skills and achievements

Influencing and persuading

  • Using ethos (credibility & authority), pathos (connecting emotionally) and logos (logic) to influence others
  • The importance of likeability in persuading others

Dealing with difficult people

  • Discover why you find some people difficult to handle
  • Putting yourself in the other person's shoes
  • Handling challenging behaviour and communicating effectively despite differences in style

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    Assertiveness Skills

    If you want to be an effective communicator, being able to assert yourself is a must. When you're assertive you portray a strong, confident image and are able to put your views across while taking account of other people's opinions. Non-assertive behaviour causes tension, misunderstanding and conflict at work. This course will show you how to behave assertively, achieve what you want and create effective teamwork – all essential ingredients for success.

    People who want to improve their personal effectiveness by being assertive in the workplace and building better working relationships with others.

    • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact non-verbal communication has on people
    • Become more aware of your style of behaviour and its effect on others
    • Identify the barriers to assertive behaviour and how they can be overcome
    • Know how to express ideas and present information with authority and conviction
    • Turn negative thoughts around and act constructively
    • Give and receive criticism constructively
    • Know how to deal with challenging behaviour and emotions, such as frustration and anger effectively
    • Project confidence in communicating with others

    What is assertiveness?

    • Explore the difference between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour
    • The causes of aggressive and non-assertive behaviour
    • What it means to be assertive – aiming for a win-win

    Behavioural styles

    • Identify your style – assertive, aggressive, accommodating or avoiding
    • Unleashing the power of positive intention
    • Know how to adapt your style to achieve effective results with clients and colleagues
    • Self-esteem and assertiveness

    Managing inner dialogue

      How beliefs are formed, how they limit us, and how they're expressed The ABCDE model – how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones How to build inner confidence

    How to be assertive – practical techniques

      When, where and why being assertive is useful – in meetings, interviews, negotiations etc Stating your views and disagreeing with others Saying ‚no‛ without feeling guilty Listening, understanding and making requests without manipulation Dealing assertively with criticism and put-downs Giving bad news to a customer or colleague Disagreeing with the views of others Getting your point across in meetings Dealing assertively with senior people

    Handling emotions and difficult behaviour

      How your emotional state impacts on others Techniques for handling emotions and being assertive in difficult situations How to handle being on the receiving end of aggressive or submissive behaviour

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      Maximising Your Impact

      Making an immediate positive impression is essential for success. You cannot ignore the fact that people are more likely to want to do business and work with those who are selfaware, 'comfortable in their own skin' and confident with who they are. This course shows you how to create impact in any business situation. You will increase your insight into how you come across to others. You'll also learn how to enhance their impression of you – through practice, feedback from others and seeing yourself on video.

      Anyone who is already assertive and understands how to make a positive impression on others and wants to be able to raise their profile.

      Defining and marketing your personal brand

      • Create a positive impact in a variety of situations
      • Know how to promote yourself in a proactive way
      • Be more aware of the effect your behaviour has on those around you
      • Increase your confidence and feel more self-assured
      • Get your message across in the way you want
      • Build strong and effective working relationships in difficult circumstances
      • Learn new practical techniques for influencing and persuading others

      What you will learn

      • Understand the power of brands and why they matter
      • Define your personal brand and what you stand for

      Marketing your brand

      • Developing your personal marketing strategy for business and career success
      • Communicating your brand values and proposition so people know who you are and what you stand for
      • How to raise your profile

      Adapting to situations

      • Practical techniques to build relationships and influence different styles
      • What makes people different – how to value this and achieve your goals

      Positive impact anytime, anywhere

      • Power talk and body language to fi t the situation
      • Why confidence, clarity and conviction are important
      • Tips for presenting powerfully in front of others

      Getting your message across in the way you want

      • What gets in the way of being the best you can be?
      • Strengthening your message by projecting confidence

      Bringing others on board

      • Dealing with personally challenging situations
      • How to influence your boss's perception of you
      • Using language patterns and thinking styles to gain buy-in

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        Body Language

        Body language is one of our most important methods of communication. It's also one we often take for granted. When you understand non-verbal communication you can influence others non-verbally – and read the body language of other people. This lively and highly participative workshop will significantly increase your awareness of the impact of your own and other people's body language.

        This course is for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of body language.

        Defining and marketing your personal brand

        • Improve your communication and personal impact
        • Make a positive impression on others
        • Be able to read people by observing their body language
        • Deepen your awareness of non-verbal communication
        • Build better relationships and become more influential

        The secrets to making a positive first impression

        • Get off to a good start when meeting people for the first time
        • Why handshakes and eye contact are crucial to success

        Avoiding 'negative' body language

        • How fiddling and fidgeting can suggest you're nervous
        • Why your posture and stance can ruin your chances

        Being aware of cultural differences in body language

        • Avoid mistakes when meeting people from other cultures

        Making an impact using body language in meetings

        • How to show interest and engagement in discussions
        • What to do to make a positive impression on others

        Body language when presenting

        • The body language secrets of powerful, confident presenters
        • What to do with your arms
        • How to move and command the space

        Reading people

        • How to tell when people are feeling uncomfortable
        • How to tell if someone is lying

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          Feel More Confident

          Feeling nervous or anxious is natural and more common than you might think. Many people lack confidence – either generally or in specific situations. Every participant on the course will be in the same position as you – and looking to build their confidence. This helps to create a safe environment where everyone supports each other to explore what holds them back from feeling at ease. The course is packed with ideas, techniques and tools for helping you to feel more confident and give your best in any situation.

          Anyone who would like to feel more self-confident generally or in specific situations will find this course invaluable.

          Defining and marketing your personal brand

          • Increased confidence when meeting people for the first time
          • Overcome nerves and speak up in meetings
          • Discover what's holding you back from achieving a feeling of ease
          • Make the most of opportunities that come your way
          • Find out how other people experience you
          • Make things happen and get more of what you want

          Understanding confidence

          • The mind and body connection
          • Applying 'antidotes' to commonly held fears
          • Understanding why you lack confidence and which situations you find most challenging
          • The T>F>A>R model
          • Assess how you really look and sound

          First impressions and confidence when meeting new people

          • How to create a positive first impression
          • Strategies for talking to people at networking events and conferences
          • Knowing the right and wrong things to say

          Speaking with confidence to groups

          • How to speak up in groups and be heard in meetings
          • Understanding your assertive rights and responsibilities
          • How to channel nervous energy in a powerful way

          Handling conflict with confidence

          • How to handle difficult situations effectively

          Dare to live your dreams

          • How to make the most of opportunities that come your way
          • The power of goals to overcome uncertainty and motivate you to achieve

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            Raise Your Profile

            It's all too easy to become invisible in large organisations and miss out on exciting projects, get passed over for promotion or even end up on a redundancy list. It's not enough to simply do good work. You need to get known by the right people for the right reasons – and that means raising your profile and building a strong reputation. Investing in this highly practical and intensive half day workshop will enable you to stand out from the crowd and reap the rewards you deserve.

            This workshop is ideal for those who want to get the best out of their career and be noticed for the right reasons.

            Defining and marketing your personal brand

            • Get people to acknowledge and value your skills, experience and achievements
            • Stand out from the crowd and become more successful
            • Learn proven techniques for getting noticed
            • Expand your network of contacts
            • Make a positive impression in a range of situations

            What's your profile like now and where do you want it to be?

            • Analysing the gap and creating a plan of action

            'Tooting your horn'

            • How to raise your profile without bragging or boasting
            • Knowing what to say and how to say it
            • Harnessing the halo and horns effect

            Raising your profile in one-to-one situations

            • Making the most of everyday conversations
            • Present yourself effectively in reviews and interviews

            Raising your profile in meetings

            • Be noticed and remembered for the right reasons in groups
            • Using the three Vs or channels of communication

            Raising your profile through networking

            • Taking a strategic approach to growing your network of contacts
            • Making a positive impression in day-to-day situations and at formal events
            • The power of 'water cooler conversations'

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              Influencing & Persuading With Impact

              We all need to influence and persuade others, but most of us have a limited set of tools and techniques – so we're not very effective in certain situations or with certain people. But this is a skill that can be learnt. If you want to get others to say 'yes' more often, buy your ideas and give you commitment – especially when you have no authority – this practical and experiential course is for you.

              Anyone who wants to influence and persuade others more effectively will benefit from attending this course.

              Defining and marketing your personal brand

              • Acquire practical techniques for influencing with impact
              • Build rapport effortlessly and use pacing and leading
              • Increase your confidence in getting buy-in to ideas
              • Win people over, build and maintain trust and make a positive impact when persuading
              • Be more aware of the impact your persuasion style has on others and vary it as needed
              • Assert yourself when faced with strong characters or those in positions of authority

              What is influencing? What is persuading? What is manipulation?

              • Key elements of influencing and persuading
              • How behaving ethically sustains business relationships

              Leveraging likeability: Be nice. Be likeable

              • Why likeability is the most powerful weapon of influence
              • The importance of courtesy, manners and consideration
              • How to make yourself even more likeable
              • Rapport and why it's vital for success in influencing

              How to push without being pushy

              • Assertively and confidently influencing others
              • How assertiveness helps you to be more influential
              • Using Power Talk rather than Wimp Talk

              The power that comes from selling ideas

              • Selling the sizzle – turning features into benefits
              • What motivates people? Fear of loss or the promise of gain
              • Harness motivation traits and persuade others

              Ethos, pathos, logos

              • Using ethos (credibility & authority), pathos (connecting emotionally) and logos (rational argument) to influence

              What animal are you?

              • Identifying your preferred style of behaviour and adapting your approach to achieve results
              • Why self-awareness and self-management are vital in influencing and persuading
              • How the different styles seek to influence each other

              Persuading upwards

              • Persuade people in positions of authority or power
              • How to push back without pushing your luck

              Using trust to increase your influence

              • Why trust is vital in influencing others to buy your ideas

              Powerful psychological persuasion strategies

              • Cialdini's six weapons – likeability, authority, scarcity, reciprocity, commitment and consistency, and social proof
              • The importance of choice, request and retreat, and the Goldilocks influencing strategy
              • Other techniques such as labeling, value attribution and embedded commands
              • How subliminal priming works in influencing people

              How to handle challenging situations

              • Why people sometimes resist or 'stonewall' ideas
              • Tactics for dealing with emotions and/or 'difficult' behaviour

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                Personal Impact & presence For Leaders

                Every organisation needs to differentiate itself from the competition. There are many ways to achieve this – most of which other companies can quickly emulate. The one thing that cannot be copied easily is the attitude and mindset of the people who work for them. To maximise your most valuable asset – your staff – every leader needs to make a positive impact and be a role model for others. This Masterclass is tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant.

                Leaders who want to influence, motivate, and convince others using a range of techniques will benefit from attending.

                Defining and marketing your personal brand

                • Gain valuable insights into the impact you have on others
                • Understand the crucial factors that create the Wow Factor
                • Appreciate the importance of building trust
                • Increase your ability to be an impactful leader
                • Use powerful body language and voice to create impact
                • Know how to fl ex your personal style for maximum impact
                • Recognise the value of authentic leadership

                What is impact?

                • What does it mean to have impact as a leader?
                • The skills, knowledge and attitudes of senior people with impact, presence and charisma

                Developing the Wow Factor

                • Inner factors such as self belief, vision and authenticity
                • Voice, body language and developing a feeling of ease

                The Extended DISC model and leadership

                • Understanding your style using the Extended DISC model
                • The strengths and weaknesses of the four different styles

                Why you?

                • The relationship between the leader and the led – why should anyone follow you?
                • Your personal brand – how you want to be perceived as a leader

                Authentic leadership

                • The importance of being yourself and not wearing a mask
                • What's important to you – your values and beliefs

                The language of leadership

                • Saying the right things in the right kind of way
                • Voice resonance and the four voices of leadership

                Individual 'spotlight' time

                • You will be given individual time to explore a specific scenario where you want more impact

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                  Individual skills Coaching

                  One-to-one coaching is one of the most effective ways for busy executives to develop personal impact. Because the impact we make is based on so many personal factors, coaching is the perfect way to address the habits and beliefs that get in the way of creating the impression you want. Our approach achieves fast results and is effective and confidential. You set the agenda and we provide the expertise. It's ideal for senior managers or executives who want more gravitas with their teams, peers, clients or stakeholders.

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                    Dealing with Difficult People

                    Anyone can deal with reasonable, co-operative, rational people. But what about the colleague, supplier, customer or boss from hell? What do you do if you can't get through to someone or they're aggressive towards you? This highly practical and interactive workshop will give you a set of proven strategies and techniques for dealing with difficult people of all kinds.

                    Anyone who is struggling to deal with people they find difficult.

                    Defining and marketing your personal brand

                    • Discover why you find some people difficult to handle
                    • Improve your ability to understand other people
                    • Give feedback to others effectively
                    • Acquire proven techniques for managing challenging behaviour
                    • Know how to handle emotions – yours and other people's

                    Understand the causes of difficult behaviour

                    • Why disagreements arise in the workplace
                    • How to nip things in the bud before they escalate

                    What animal are you?

                    • Identify your behavioural style and understand other people's
                    • Understand how you operate when under stress
                    • How to adapt your approach and handle difficult behaviour

                    Considering different perspectives

                    • Putting yourself in the other person's shoes
                    • Positive intention and how identifying this helps you resolve disagreements

                    Giving feedback effectively

                    • Secrets for giving and receiving feedback effectively
                    • How to give feedback using the AID model

                    Strategies for handling difficult behaviour

                    • Using reframing to help you and other people appreciate another perspective
                    • Influencing techniques for various difficult situations

                    Dealing with emotions and anger

                    • Understanding the part values play in frustration or even anger
                    • How to handle emotion in others through pacing and leading

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                      vocal Impact

                      Does your voice lack impact? Have you been told many times you don't speak loud enough? Or does your voice get shaky when you're under pressure? If you struggle to get your point across in meetings or find it hard to project when delivering a presentation, this course is for you. We guarantee you'll leave with greater confidence and impact.

                      Accordion Sample Description

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